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Earliest Musical Influences:
gospel and blue grass stuff, OLD rock, everything from the 80's, Euro/English dance stuff, Peter Murphy, U2, The Cure, Alphaville, Pretenders, Berlin, Cliff Richard, old Annie Lennox stuff, Tears for Fears, Supertramp, Depeche Mode, Boston, Beatles, E, Crowded House

Current Musical Favorites:
Olive, Garbage, Moby, The Verve Pipe, anything classical, Live, Republica, Sneaker Pimps, Morcheeba, Oasis

Top 10 Albums:
FAITHLESS -- Reverance, THE THE -- Dusk, THE VERVE -- Urban Hymns, SOUNDGARDEN -- Superunknown, RADIOHEAD -- The Bends, VIVALDI -- The Four Seaons, SAMUEL BARBER -- Greats, MADONNA -- Ray of Light, U2 -- Joshua Tree, ALICE IN CHAINS, PETER MURPHY -- Deep

Favorite TV Shows:
Discovery Channel, documentaries, History Channel, Gilligan's Island makes me feel good, shows about mummies and ghosts and hauntings

Favorite Movies:
Wings of Desire, A Fish Called Wanda, My Life as a Dog, The Red Violin, Hope & Glory, Emile, The Horseman on the Roof, Princess Bride, La Femme Nikita (French original version only), The English Patient

Favorite Musicians:
Terri Nunn of Berlin (vocalist), Bono, Cliff Richard

Past Bands:
loads of choirs and ensembles growing up, did a lot of solo work in my teens and 20's--was in a rock band for 2 years or so in the late 80's and can't even remember its name anymore!

Day Job:
Media Consultant--Video Producer, Director, Project Manager
Instructor--evening classes at the University of Washington

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