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Earliest Musical Influences:
The Chipmunks, The Beach Boys, The Royal Guardsmen, The Association, The Mamas & The Papas, The Monkees, Jan & Dean

Current Musical Favorites:
Meredith Brooks, Jewel, Smashmouth, The Corrs

Top 10 Albums:
CHARLATANS UK -- Some Friendly, FRAZIER CHORUS -- Sue, LUSCIOUS JACKSON -- Fever In Fever Out, MEREDITH BROOKS -- Blurring the Edges, PURE JOY -- Unsung, SINEAD O'CONNOR -- Lion & the Cobra, SISTERS OF MERCY -- Floodland, THE CHAMELEONS -- Script of the Bridge, THE GO-GO'S -- Talk Show, XYMOX -- Clan of Xymox

Favorite TV Shows:
Discovery Health: Operation, SciFi Channel: Farscape

Favorite Movies:
Rumble Fish, Mad Monster Party, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Against All Odds

Favorite Musicians:
Mongo Santa Maria, Lou Reed

Past Bands:
<no comment>

Day Job:
IP Network & UNIX Systems Engineer

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