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Earliest Musical Influences:
Rush, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, Genesis, The Beatles, Chuck Berry

Current Musical Favorites:
Garbage, Republica, Kraftwerk, Cocteau Twins, Curve, Laibach, Violet Indiana, Juno Reactor, Groove Armada, Supreme Beings of Leisure, Air

Top 10 Albums:
COCTEAU TWINS -- Treasure, THE CURE -- The Head on the Door, PINK FLOYD -- The Wall, FRAZIER CHORUS -- Ray, YES -- Relayer, PROPAGANDA -- A Secret Wish, THIS MORTAL COIL -- Filigree & Shadow, REPUBLICA -- Republica, KRAFTWERK -- Electric Cafe, RUSH -- Power Windows

Favorite TV Shows:
Simpsons, South Park, ESPN's Baseball Tonight, Futurama, Ghosthunters, Mind of Mencia

Favorite Movies:
Wings of Desire, Juliette of the Spirits, Brazil, La Dolce Vita, Roma, The Great Escape

Favorite Musicians:
Alex Lifeson, Steve Hackett, Robin Guthrie, Steve Howe, Gary Richrath, Chris Squire

Past Bands:
Strike, Leningrad Chorus, Field Day, Monday in Paris, The Trees, Gothic 17

GUITARS -- PRS CE-22, Carvin DC-400, Fender Telecaster, Epiphone Les Paul St.

Day Job:
Graphic Designer, Illustrator


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